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Irrigation system testing and repair

Irrigation Repairs 


We have experienced irrigation technicians that can repair or replace damaged systems

Saving Water

Broken or inefficient sprinkler systems can frequently go un-noticed as they normally run early in the morning or in the evening. All of these problems waste water, waste your money, and can damage your landscaping from over or under watering. If you are aware of specific problems we can make repairs on your sprinkler lines, valves and emitters. We can also test and diagnose problems and then make repairs. Like many, you may not have the time or desire to test and identify where a problem exists in your an automatic sprinkler system, our irrigation technicians can do this for you. 

Automatic sprinkler systems are a great way to save time and water when they are working properly. Unfortunately life happens; sprinkler lines and heads can be damaged from lawn care, kids playing, and normal gardening activities. Broken sprinkler systems waste water, money, and can damage walkways and other plants from over watering.  We also offer prepaid irrigation services that include Spring Startup, Winter Blowout, and Backflow Testing (required by state law) in a single complete plan that eliminates your need to remember to schedule these. We will contact you when it is time to provide these services, schedule a time, and come perform the needed work.

Irrigation System Management

A well-designed irrigation system minimizes water waste, prevents over-watering, and actually reduces most gardens overall water usage. This means that only your yard gets watered, not your sidewalk or driveway. It also means that depending on the plants and trees on your garden, their location it will reduce the water you use by automatically watering at the right time of day. We work with you to insure your irrigation system is efficient and cost-effective.

Irrigation System Inspection, Testing, and Repairs

Are you having trouble with your existing irrigation system? Our sprinkler system inspection and repair services allow us to locate issues within your system and then repair them to make your irrigation fully functional again. Our services include inspection and repair of irrigation controllers, timers, valves, sprinkler nozzles, and as well as leak detection.

Certified Backflow Testing

To provide a more complete service to our customers, TruSeason is certified with the State of Idaho to conduct Backflow Tests. Idaho rules for Public Drinking Water Systems (IDAPA 58.01.08) and the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (IBOL) require that all irrigation systems connected to the public drinking water supply be equipped with a backflow prevention assembly. This device must be tested when installed and annually thereafter by a State-certified Backflow Assembly Tester to verify that it is operating properly. Backflow Testing Details

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