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Irrigation system winterization and spring startup

Winterization and Spring Startup


Winterizing your irrigation system is critical in our environment to prevent costly damage and repairs. Spring startup is the part that gets the growing season started and ensures everything is working correctly.

Winterization to prevent freeze damage due to broken pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads.

Before the first snow falls and we start into our freezing winter, we blow-out your system. This process uses an air compressors to flush all of the water out of your sprinkler lines, valves, and heads to prevent broken and burst pipes and equipment. Removing water from your lines prevents frozen water from expanding and cracking your sprinkler lines, valves and sprinkler heads. The purpose is to eliminate damage that occurs over winter and is not discovered until next spring.

Spring Startup - Pressurize and test your system to ensure all of the sprinkler heads, valves, and timers are working correctly.

Sprinkler turn-ons aren't just turning on your irrigation system. It is checking the working order of your irrigation timer, sprinkler heads, irrigation pipes, and checking your irrigation valve box for faulty wiring or valves that may need repair. Often during system Winterization, the compressed air run through the system can potentially throw irrigation nozzles off adjustment, or during winter irrigation heads along walk paths and driveways could get damaged while removing snow. Going through a Spring Startup will make sure your irrigation is in perfect working order is the key to beautiful landscaping throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. When the weather warms up and it is time for sprinkler turn-ons, TruSeason is reliable, affordable, and is licensed & insured for your protection.


Any repairs needed for proper working functionality will typically be performed while on site and are based on the hourly technician rate and material costs. If an issue occurs that need repairs, we will contact you to get authorization for the estimated repairs. All backflow assemblies will incur additional testing costs if initial test fails.


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