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State certified backflow testing

Backflow Testing

Certified Backflow Testing

To provide a more complete service to our customers, TruSeason is certified with the State of Idaho to conduct Backflow Tests. Idaho rules for Public Drinking Water Systems (IDAPA 58.01.08) and the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (IBOL) require that all irrigation systems connected to the public drinking water supply be equipped with a backflow prevention assembly. A backflow prevention assembly is a system that prevents potentially contaminated water from getting into potable water supplies due to backflow. This is most known with irrigation systems since we have fertilizers, pets, and other potential contaminants on our lawns. The annual backflow test performed by a state licensed backflow technician, allows us to determine that the backflow system is operating correctly, if the system fails it will typically start leaking to indicate there is an issue. All backflow assemblies will incur additional testing costs if initial test fails.


This device must be tested when installed and annually thereafter by a State certified Backflow Assembly Tester to verify that it is operating properly. This is an annual required test for your backflow assembly by the state. We do not enforce the law, we are simply the testers that report the results and can conduct repairs if necessary.


Backflow is the reversal of water flow through pipes due to siphonage or back pressure. A State Certified backflow device is required by law and protects your drinking water by preventing siphonage from your lawn back into your domestic water supply. If backflow occurs in your irrigation system, it can cause water contaminated with chemicals or even animal wastes to be suctioned backwards into your drinking water.

State Certified

At TruSeason, we have certified backflow assembly testers on staff that have completed a rigorous training program and are certified to inspect, test, and repair all backflow assemblies and devices. We provide Idaho State certified backflow testing, repair and installation services to the North Idaho area.

Water Districts and Purveyors We Service 

This is a partial list of the water districts, and water purveyors that we provide backflow testing and services too.

  • Alpine Water District

  • Bitterroot Water Company

  • Central Shoshone County Water District

  • Dalton Water Association

  • Emerald Estates Water Association

  • Harbor View Estates Water

  • Hoyt Water Cooperation

  • Lewiston Water District

  • Moscow Water Department

  • Oldtown Water Department

  • Post Falls Water Department

  • Ross Point Water District

  • South River Water Assoc.

  • Avondale Irrigation District

  • Bonners Ferry Water Department

  • Chateaux Water Association

  • East Green Acres Irrigation District

  • Garwood Water Cooperation

  • Hayden Lake Irrigation District

  • Kingston Water District

  • McGuire Estates Water Users Assoc.

  • North Kootenai Water & Sewer District

  • Pine Villa Park & Water Assoc.

  • Rathdrum Water Department

  • Royal Highlands Water District

  • Trails End Estate HOA

  • Bar Circle S

  • Cataldo Water District

  • Coeur d’Alene Water Department

  • Elkhorn Ranch HOA

  • Greenferry Water District

  • Hoffman Water Cooperation

  • Kootenai County Water District

  • Morrison Estates Water

  • Ohio Match Road Water District

  • Pineview Estates Water District

  • Remington Water District

  • Sandpoint Water Department

  • Spirit Lake Water Department

  • Spirit Lake East Water Company

  • Valley Water Association

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