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Land Clearing and Site Prep

Clear Land and Prep Site for Construction in the Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Rathdrum, and other nearby areas

Clear Land and Prep Site for Construction. 

Frequently before you can start construction you need to clear the land and prepare the site prior to beginning your project. We can cover all levels of land clearing and site preparation from simple brush and debris removal, to clearing land and putting in an access road to the build site.  We can log the site, pile the brush for burning or hauling, remove stumps, and stack or haul logs away.

Clearing your property before you start a project will help you better visualize what is possible and how things will look. Depending on the land to be cleared and the amount of brush, trees, and stumps to be removed; you may see new possibilities and avoid costly mistakes once you have a clear view of your property.

Land clearing is an effective way to protect and enhance your property. Keeping brush and trees a safe fire distance from your home and out buildings provides peace of mind as well as a safe environment. Removing trees that may come down in a wind or ice storm also improve s safety.  Periodic brush clearing can keep will provide you better access to your property and encourage wildlife in areas where that is desired.

Give us a call to let us know what your land clearing requirements are, as well as your timeframe. We are happy to discuss the options that are the best fit and most economical for you project.

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